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Generally these weekly gigs take place September to July, and continue through public holidays. However, to quote The New Yorker: "Musicians and night-club proprietors live complicated lives; it's advisable to call ahead to confirm engagements."

MAD BASTARDS Sundays 10:00pm-1:00am CAMERON PUBLIC HOUSE 408 Queen St. West 416-703-0811 Kevin fronts this legendary garage jazz cabaret ensemble. www.thecameron.ca

GUTBUCKET LOUNGE Mondays - 6:00-9:00pm GRAFFiTi'S 170 Baldwin St. Kensington Market 416-506-6699 Kevin Quain at the piano, in the deep dark heart of Kensington market. www.graffitisbarandgrill.com

KEVIN QUAIN Tuesdays - 9:00pm-Midnight THE PADDOCK, 178 Bathurst (at Queen) 416-504-9997 Kevin Quain plays the piano & sings at this elegant bar & restaurant. www.thepaddock.ca

KEVIN QUAIN Thursdays in January, March, May 2009 6:30-8:30pm The REX HOTEL, 194 Queen St. West 416-598-2475 Kevin plays the piano and sings rags & standards at this venerable jazz haunt. www.therex.ca

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