Sunday nights in the opulent fin-de-siecle splendour of Toronto's Cameron House Front Lounge, Kevin Quain and his band, the Mad Bastards, splatter the walls with songs about restless corpses, wistful vampires, punchdrunk sailors, singing bank robbers, and barroom romances. Led by singer, songwriter and squeezebox slinger Kevin Quain, and armed with an accordion, doghouse bass, trumpet, a couple of  Spanish guitars and a musical saw, the Mad Bastards spin surreal musical tall tales in a fury of sturm, drang and dramatic lighting, furiously smashing and reconstructing musical genres without reck, ruth or relent.  Like a chance meeting of Kurt Weill and Hank Williams at a drunken pawnshop heist,  this is late twentieth-century garage jazz cabaret unlike anything you've seen or heard before.....

Sunday Nights
The Cameron
Public House
408 Queen Street West,

Seating is limited.
For information call
416) 703-0811

Kevin Quain - accordion, piano, vocals, guitar
Bryden Baird - trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion
Gene Hardy -
tenor saxophone, violin, musical saw
Adam Warner -
Dean Drouillard -
Wes Neal -
acoustic bass

(Left to right: Adam Warner, Kevin Quain, Wes Neal, Gene Hardy, Dean Drouillard, Bryden Baird)
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